You’re Engaged! Now What?

He finally asked the big question. He’s gone over how he was going to do it for a long time and is just waiting for the word YES from you, and you said it. This is the beginning of your new lives together, and what an experience it is going to be! Prepare yourselves for the most memorable time of your life!

Wedding Etiquette Tips: The Wedding Ceremony

After you get the ring…

call-your-familyCall Your Relatives

Engagement DOs and DON’Ts start almost the second you say yes. Your first task? Sharing the exciting news with the world. No matter how tempting, it’s an engagement no-no to not pick up the phone and call your family members and friends. No one likes to be the last to know.

Get Your Ring Sized

Your stunning sparkler is perfect in every way, except for the size (or maybe it’s a little tight). Get it resized ASAP after all, you’ll be showing it to everyone and the last thing you want is to lose the thing an hour after you get it. The process can take just a few hours or, at most, a few days.

Set the Date

After “congratulations” and “let me see your ring,” here’s the first thing people will ask: “When’s the wedding?” It’ll save you lots of headaches if the two of you come up with a vague-yet-specific answer, like “We’ re shooting for early in the year” or “We like the idea of next fall.”

Plan a Night Out With Just Your Fiancé

Until the celebrations and parties and wedding are finally over, there’s not going to be much “just the two other now—and make it a point not to talk wedding details. Yes, there’s a ton to do, but for now, it’s perfectly OK to hit the town and celebrate—just you and him.

Falling in Love..Engagement Ideas

engagement_rings-243x143In the heart of winter when everything looks so white, a little bit of red shines through reminding us that a very special day is approaching.  A day in the middle of February, one of the coldest months up north, when thousands of couples will begin their plans for their future lives together.  We have compiled a list of some very interesting and creative ways for you to propose to your future fiance and take your first steps toward the words “I do.”

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Bridal Showers

bridal-shower-bouquetToday, bridal showers have morphed into a festive way for the bride’s female family and friends to grab some girl time before the Big Day!  Legend says the first bridal shower took place in Europe after a well-to-do girl fell in love with a poor man and her father refused to help pay for their wedding.  So, friends and neighbors gathered and offered gifts to the young couple to help them build their new home.  By the late 1800’s, the bridal shower had evolved into a more common practice for less wealthy brides, who couldn’t afford a dowry, to set up their new home…

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The mini food trend is super hot right now!  Everything is cuter and more fun in miniature.

mini-taco-124x158You can also offer guests a variety of different foods…think appetizers and desserts…without breaking the bank.  Plus, your guests can easily pop bite sized foods into their mouths…without making a mess of themselves or your wedding venue. I don’t know about you, but we always avoid passed hors d’oeuvres that are too complicated or messy to eat with dignity.  

Here are our top picks for your mini appetiser party…

Mini Appetizers…