By: Karlyn

Your wedding day should be one of the best and most memorable occasions of your life. You and your new husband or wife will profess your love and devotion for one another in front of your family and friends as you start your new journey together. On this day, you should look and feel your best, but if you don’t take the proper health measures in the days leading up, this may not be the case. These five tips below are ways you can get your mind and body right while looking and feeling your best on the big day.

Make water your go to drink

Your wedding is a time to celebrate and with celebration often comes alcohol. It’s likely your wedding guests will want to toast to your new marriage and you’ll, of course, want to join them! This is why it’s crucial to drink plenty of water before and on your wedding day. With every drink you have, consider grabbing a glass of water with it. Aside from helping to keep you coherent and fighting off your day after a hangover, maintaining a proper level of hydration will also keep you looking great. Drinking enough water will leave your skin glowing for all the wedding day photos you’ll take and even help keep you energized while you dance the night away after your ceremony. If you have a tough time remembering to drink water throughout the day, invest in a fun bottle like this to help keep you motivated!

Eat this, not that

Between hors d’oeuvres, dinner and desserts, it’s likely you and your new spouse will be surrounded by indulgent food on your wedding day. In the days leading up, however, you may want to refrain from eating foods that cause you to feel bloated. This is especially true the morning of your wedding as you want to fit into your gown or tux with ease. Maintaining a healthy diet filled with fruits, veggies, lean protein and whole grains is a great way to ensure you look and feel fabulous for your big day. Avoid that bloated feeling and incorporate a fruit platter or yogurt parfaits into your “getting ready” spread. This way, you’ll eat something delicious and nutritious and have enough energy to take on the day.

Don’t skip out on self-care

With everything wedding-related you’ve got on your plate, it’s easy to forget to take time out for yourself. Taking some time to bring yourself back to reality can do wonders for you both mentally and physically. Designate at least one day per week to practice self-care. This can include anything from walking your dog along your favorite nature path or indulging in a self-love Sunday complete with skincare routine using your favorite collagen boosting product. Self-care means something different for everyone, but the main idea is that you’re setting aside a portion of your day to do what makes you feel good. With all the stress that comes along with planning a wedding and this huge life change you’re about to undergo, a little time to center yourself will be just what you need to hit the ground running once your big day rolls around.

Get your beauty rest

Your wedding day will be both the longest and shortest day of your life. With everything happening so quickly, you’ll want to savor every moment. This is why it’s crucial to get plenty of sleep, especially the night before your wedding. With guests coming into town and pre-wedding jitters, it might be tough to relax, and you may even feel tempted to begin celebrating. However, lack of sleep can lead to headaches, a weakened immune system, forgetfulness and irritability. Let’s not forget the physical effects which include puffiness and under eye circles. This day will fly by in the blink of an eye but getting the proper amount of sleep can help to ensure you enjoy every waking moment of it!