Wedding trends come and go, but when it comes to the cake there are a few styles that have been popping up at parties for years. Namely, floral-covered confections, naked cakes, and classic all-white desserts. While all three are undeniably pretty—and popular for that very reason—there’s a new wedding cake trend we’re ready to eat up. Enter: The deckle-edged wedding cake. Let’s talk about deckle edges for a second. You’ve likely heard the term tossed around with your stationer, but probably haven’t discussed it in major detail. “Deckle” refers to a paper-making process, in which stationery is left with a rough or uncut edge. While hugely popular for contemporary wedding invitations, cake makers have appropriated the style for their own use, decorating big-day desserts with similar rough-cut fondant or by applying buttercream without evening out the edges.

Petite Deckle-Edged Cake
This petite confection isn’t short on style. Enjoy Cupcakes created this two-tiered pink-and-white ombré wedding cake and added deckled edges for a little extra texture.
Photography: Lacie Hansen Photography

Layered Deckle Edges
Deckled edges don’t have to be reserved just for the topmost layer of your wedding cake. This single-tiered dessert featured layers of deckle-edged fondant, complete with gold-tipped edges.
Photography: Jen Huang

Marbled Deckle-Edged Cake
The staff at Carneros Resort & Spa created this beautiful cake, and it’s eye-catching watercolor design was naturally a hit with guets. But what we love most are the deckled edges, which made the confection even more unique.
Photography: The Grovers

Pink-and-White Deckle-Edged Cake
This feminine deckle-edged wedding cake was created by Nine Cakes, and if it tasted half as good as it looked, we’re sure it was a huge hit with guets.
Photography: Jen Huang

Pink-and-White Deckle-Edged Cake
This feminine deckle-edged wedding cake was created by Nine Cakes, and if it tasted half as good as it looked, we’re sure it was a huge hit with guests.
Photography: Jen Huang

Gray-and-White Deckle-Edged Cake
While the bold flowers and the gray-and-white color of this two-tiered wedding cake from Migalha Doce caught our eye, it’s the deckled edges that really won us over. All in all, this small dessert is a huge win.
Photography: Fotografamos

Ruffled Deckle-Edged Cake
Is layer upon layer of deckle-edged strips of fondant your dream wedding cake design? That’s exactly what Nine Cakes created for this lucky couple.
Photography: Heather Waraksa

Floral Deckle-Edged Cake
Topped with fresh flowers and berries, this layered deckle-edge wedding cake is perfect for a romantic bride.
Photography: Anna Roussos

Miniature Deckle-Edged Cake
What’s better than one wedding cake? Two (or three!) miniature wedding cakes. Steal the look of this single-tiered treat created by Tess Comrie—and the cool deckle-edge design—and ask your own baker to create several smaller confections in different flavors for your own wedding.
Photography: Brushfire Photography

Purple Deckle-Edged Wedding Cake
Need proof that bold colors can be entirely wedding-worthy? This purple treat from The Royal Cakery, complete with deckle-edge layers of fondant, shows you not to be afraid of color.
Photography: Marissa Lambert Photography

Blue-and-White Deckle-Edged Cake
Lisa Dupar & Company went all out on this deckle-edge wedding cake. A similar blue-and-white confection would be the perfect fit for a nautical reception.
Photography: O’Malley Photographers